Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Why is my Shark robot vacuum not charging? The answer to this question was unknown to me last month. Because a few days ago, I ran into the exact same problem as you, and I also found out why my shark robot won’t charge.

But now the good news is that I have solved it, and I am here to tell you what I had to do to solve this problem and how I solved it.

So let’s see how to fix the shark robot vacuum not charging issue step by step in this article today as you are facing this problem like me.

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Is Your Shark Robot Vacuum Acting Up?

If you’ve wondered, “Why is my Shark Robot Vacuum not charging?” you’re not alone. When your vacuum doesn’t work, it can be annoying, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. This guide will demonstrate how to fix your Shark Robot Vacuum to work again.

Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide

1. Turn on the Power Switch

 Shark Robot Vacuum power button

Shark vacuums have a power switch, which sets them apart from most robotic vacuums. While you probably already know this, you may not know that the Shark can’t charge when the switch is off. 

Press the button to turn on the Shark Ion Vacuum and try charging again. Good luck with that. If that doesn’t work, we’ll explore other commonly used solutions.

2: Check if you need to place the vac manually.

 Shark Robot Vacuum LED Light

A blue LED light should be on your Shark Robot Vacuum, indicating the battery charge level.

If at least one light is on, your robot may have enough battery life to return to the charger autonomously. The battery may be too low to return to the dock if all lights are off. 

In such cases, assist by replacing the vacuum to the dock and recharging it. Additionally, for the initial use of your robot vacuum, charging it in the dock before operating it is recommended.

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3: Clean all charging contacts.

The Shark Cleaner has two metal points that should connect to the two metal plates on the charging dock. As long as these parts are in contact, the battery can charge.

However, connections sometimes work differently than expected. If this is the case, wash the connections on both the bot and the charging port.

Observe the battery lights to check if your vacuum is working; They will glow during the charging process.

4: Check the dock for power and proper operation.

Although unusual, a problem can cause the Charge Dock not to work correctly. Confirm dock readiness by checking for a green light next to the dock.

If the light is missing, make sure the dock is plugged in and use a different outlet.

Always place the dock in a location with clear space—five feet in front and three feet on each side. Insufficient space may prevent RoboVac from returning correctly.

5. Check the Charging Port Contact Springs

The vacuum’s charging ports connect to two metal pins on the charging dock, both held in place by springs. If these parts break, the vacuum will not connect.

If this happens, your Shark Ion Vacuum may not charge or link to the dock. Check the springs by pressing the metal pin with your finger.

You’ll need to acquire a new charging dock if they don’t snap back into place.

6. Check for Obstructions:

Ensure no obstructions or trash around the charging dock for your Shark robot vacuum. Small objects like pet hair can damage the vacuum’s ability to properly connect to the charging dock.

Check the charging dock and vacuum for any hardware issues that could stop the link from working. Clean the area, then place the vacuum on the dock.

7. Manually Dock Your Vacuum

Docking your Shark vacuum manually can be an easier option, especially when the battery is so depleted that the machine can’t even attempt to detect its dock.

Place the vacuum on the charger directly with the cover facing the dock so that the charge plates align correctly with the contacts.

Correct placement is about 1/2 inch from the vertical part of the dock on the front of the Shark.

Wait a few minutes for the Shark to realize it’s charging, especially if the battery is low. When this happens, the blue light will start flashing, indicating the end of your segment.

If the light is green, move the machine back into place. Before using it again, wait for the device to be fully charged. If the link drops too soon, restart the process.

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8. Reconnect the Battery

 Shark Robot Vacuum Battery

To secure the battery to your Roomba, turn the vacuum over and open the battery cover between the roller brush and the charging cable.

Pull the wire as close to the battery as possible. Remove the cord from the vacuum and reconnect it, ensuring a tight connection to the port.

Finally, either press the dock button again or manually dock the vacuum.

9. Replace the Battery

Shark Ion cells typically last about two years with regular use. If you suspect your robot vacuum’s battery is dead, you may be trying to determine how much time has passed since your purchase.

When purchasing a new power pack, ensure compatibility with your Shark vacuum model.

This pack fits the Ecovacs N79 and N795 and the Shark RV700, RV720, RV750, and RV755. It also works with most other Shark robot vacuums.

After receiving the new battery, repeat the same steps used to test the old battery.

When removing the old one, replace it with the new one you purchased, and be sure to dispose of the dead battery properly, as it is a lithium-ion battery.

10. Reset Your Vacuum

Reset Your Vacuum

It’s amazing how often a simple reset can fix things. Please turn off your Shark Robot Vacuum for a while, then plug it back in.

After that, plug it in and turn it on. This quick reset can fix minor bugs.

If you want to completely reset your vacuum then this is for you how to reset Shark Robot Vacuum or connect to the wifi

11. Update Firmware

Outdated software can cause problems with how well things work. If there are any mods for your Shark robot vacuum, find and install them.

Manufacturers often release firmware changes to fix bugs and improve overall system performance.

12. Test with a Different Outlet:

If you want to rule out a problem with the port, try putting the charging dock in a different one. Outlets may only sometimes function properly or provide a constant power source.

Check if the Shark Robot Vacuum starts charging by plugging it into a known good outlet. If it does, the first plug may not work correctly, so don’t use it to charge anything else.

By carefully checking for possible obstructions, ensuring the power adapter is working, and trying a different outlet, you can troubleshoot common problems preventing your Shark robot vacuum from charging correctly.

If the problem persists, you may need to push further troubleshooting steps or contact Shark Customer Service for assistance.

13. Contact Shark Support

Before making any payments, contact Shark to inquire about insurance coverage for your vacuum repair or replacement. Have the ticket ready when they ask for it.

Although a free replacement is likely only if your vacuum is relatively new and well-maintained, it’s still worthwhile to call and explore the possibility.

Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging – Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is essential to ensure your Shark robot vacuum lasts as long as possible and works at its best, especially if you are experiencing charging issues. 

The critical step in this process is to clean the charging contacts properly. 

Regularly check the Vacuum and Dock charging contacts and clean them if necessary. Dust, soil, and trash can accumulate over time, preventing smooth power flow. 

For thorough cleaning, use a lint-free cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Reach the hard-to-reach areas precisely with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. 

This extensive cleaning practice improves the charging process and protects against potential problems.

Ensuring a good charging position is equally important. In addition to cleaning, the location of your Vacuum charge plays an important role. 

Adequate airflow prevents the charging dock from overheating, and maintaining a clean area around it ensures smooth docking. 

Providing a stable power source and keeping the vacuum battery within the correct temperature range benefit its health. 

Considering these external factors as part of your regular care routine optimises the charging process and protects the Vacuum against potential problems, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. 

Remember that a well-maintained Vacuum is not only clean but also consistently efficient.

Why Is My Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Not Charging

It’s frustrating when a Shark IQ robot doesn’t charge. However, operating these household appliances involves encountering such problems; one never knows when difficulties may arise. 

Please take a deep breath and consider why Is my Shark IQ robot vacuum not charging. I have identified some common charging concerns from my considerable experience with the Shark IQ robot.

You must systematically resolve several possible causes for your Shark IQ robot vacuum charging problem. 

First, ensure the charging dock is securely connected to a working wall outlet. Then, use a multimeter to check the outlet’s voltage output for any electrical problems hindering the charging process. 

Keep the charging contacts of the robot and the dock free of dust and other obstructions that could prevent a secure link during charging.

If your Shark IQ robot doesn’t charge, outdated software could be another reason. 

Regularly check the official Shark website for firmware updates and follow the steps to ensure your robot has the most up-to-date software, fixing any software-related issues. Battery calibration is also essential. 

Discharge the battery regularly to maintain an accurate gauge and prevent charging problems.

When it comes to charging speed, temperature is also a factor. To prevent charging problems due to extreme temperatures, verify that the charging area’s temperature range aligns with the user manual’s recommended range. 

If all else fails, seek professional help from Shark’s Customer Service. Their dedicated team can provide expert advice tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your Shark IQ robot vacuum performs optimally.

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Why Is My Shark ION Robot Vacuum Not Charging

If you are wondering why your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum is not charging, consider a few possible reasons. Battery issues commonly cause this problem, so ensure that the battery links are clean and firmly connected. 

If the vacuum still refuses to charge, consider restarting the battery or obtaining a new one, as cells lose power over time.

The charging station is another potential source of trouble. Confirm that the station is plugged in, and check for clean charge contacts on both the vacuum and the station. 

Additionally, position the station to facilitate easy docking for the vacuum.

The power adapter may also be a culprit. Examine it for damage, and ensure you use an adapter compatible with your Shark Ion. 

If the issues persist, seek assistance and possible solutions by contacting Shark’s customer service.

Maintaining cleanliness in the area is crucial for optimising the charging process. Regularly clean the vacuum, paying particular attention to the charge ports. 

By following the provided care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your battery.

In summary, if your Shark Ion Robot Vacuum encounters charging issues, inspect the battery wires, the charge station, and the power cable. 

Taking care of these aspects through preventative maintenance ensures your robot vacuum stays charged and ready for efficient cleaning.

User Stories – Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging Problems

Here are some people’s stories about why is my shark robot vacuum not charging. Let’s see.

“From the Brink of Despair to a Fully Charged Vacuum”

Sarah, a Shark robot vacuum owner, shares her harrowing experience when her vacuum suddenly stopped charging. Frustrated and fearing the worst, she tried the troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual. Sarah’s perseverance paid off as she discovered a loose battery connection. Her detailed account of how she reconnected the battery is a beacon of hope for others facing similar issues.

Overcoming Charging Dock Woes

Michael faced persistent issues with his vacuum not docking correctly for charging. In a candid narrative, he recounts how he meticulously inspected the charging dock. To his surprise, a slight obstruction prevented the vacuum from aligning correctly. Michael’s story highlights the importance of thorough examinations and how a simple fix can restore a vacuum’s charging capabilities.


In conclusion, understanding Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging is crucial for maintaining its peak performance.

Users can ensure their robot vacuum remains a reliable household assistant by addressing common issues, implementing troubleshooting steps, and staying informed about advancements.


What should I do if my Shark robot vacuum doesn’t charge?

Follow our comprehensive troubleshooting guide to identify and resolve the issue.

Are there specific charging tips for prolonging battery life?

Yes, we provide tips on maintaining your robot vacuum’s battery for extended longevity.

How often should I clean the charging contacts?

Learn about the recommended frequency for cleaning charging contacts to ensure a consistent connection.

Can I use third-party charging docks for my Shark robot vacuum?

We advise against it. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended charging accessories for optimal performance.

Are there software updates that address charging issues?

Stay informed about the latest updates from Shark to ensure your robot vacuum benefits from improvements.

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