How To Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner: 11 Effective Way

“If you want to know How to Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner for troubleshooting, this article is for you. Henry vacuum cleaner Is a well-known and trusted vacuum cleaner, and I hope you already know that. “

If you look into this world, there are many vacuum brands, such as Upright Vacuum, Dyson, Stick, Handheld, Hoover, Bissell, Robot, Moosoo, Master, and others.  

However, people like Henry vacuum cleaners because of their durability, reliability, iconic design, and guaranteed results. 

Did you know that since its launch in 1981, over 10 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold in the UK, with about 20,000 sold each week?  

Almost everyone, including myself, has used this vacuum cleaner since it provides guaranteed results. 

I’ve been using this vacuum cleaner for the past five years and know how to use it and how to open it. 

It’s a machine, so if it sometimes needs Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair Upgrades, or Modifications, I’m here to tell you how to open your Henry vacuum cleaner. 

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How to Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

To open a Henry vacuum cleaner, preparing your workspace nicely is crucial. Select an area with enough space to maneuver and lay down a protective cloth or towel to shield the vacuum and your work surface. After ensuring safety, unplug the vacuum to avoid electrical mishaps during disassembly. Begin by removing the dust bag, which varies depending on the model, typically involving releasing a latch or unscrewing a cover. Next, disassemble hoses and attachments carefully, locating release buttons and gently removing them. Proceed to dismantle the vacuum’s main body by unscrewing the screws and lifting off the top portion. This grants access to internal components for inspection and cleaning, ensuring optimal performance. After thorough cleaning, reassemble the vacuum by replacing attachments, hoses, and the dust bag before testing its functionality. 

Required Essential Tools for How to Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner

I have used a Henry vacuum cleaner for the last five years. So, when I thought it was time to open it for several reasons, I took my screwdriver and started the work.

If you want to open your Henry vacuum cleaner, you also need many tools. Here is a list of tools you need to open a Henry vacuum cleaner:

How to Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner: step by step

If you want to open your Henry vacuum cleaner, I hope you have a good reason. When I thought about opening mine, I had many reasons. 

However, this article will provide general guidance on opening your Henry vacuum cleaner. So, let’s start. 

How to Open a Henry Vacuum Cleaner: step by step

1. Prepare Your Work Area

Firstly, I will tell you to select an area with sufficient space to disassemble your Henry vacuum cleaner. It would help to lay down a smooth cloth or towel to cover the vacuum and your working surface. 

2. Unplug the Vacuum

I often suggest people unplug their vacuum cleaners when working on machines. This is necessary to avoid electrical accidents. So, when you are working, unplug your vacuum cleaner and start the work. 

3. Remove the Dust Bag

Remove the Dust Bag

Henry vacuum cleaners come in many different models, each with a different system for opening the vacuum and removing the dust bag. 

Carefully open the compartment where the dust bag is located. This may involve releasing a latch or unscrewing a cover.

Once open, Carefully open the compartment and remove the dust bag, taking care not to spill any accumulated debris.

4. Disassemble hoses and fittings

hoses and fittings

The next step is to remove the hose and any attached accessories. Then, find where the hose connects to the cleaner.

Press the release button, and pull the hose and attachments. Once they have been removed, they should be left in place. 

5. Taking apart the vacuum’s main body 

After removing the hose and attachment, you can begin disassembling the vacuum cleaner’s main body.

To start, locate the screws that are located on both sides of the cleaner product. A screwdriver with a Phillips head should then be used to remove them.

Remove the top of the cleaner by carefully lifting it off once all of the screws have been removed. It should be pulled away from the base. 

6. Accessing internal components

Once you remove the top, you can access the cleaner’s internal parts. Make sure these parts are clear and there are no jams or other problems.

These things can get in the way of how well the vacuum works. Use a soft brush to get rid of any spots that are stuck.

After you’ve checked the parts, put them back in the cleaner. After that, screw the top and bottom together.

7. Cleaning the internal components

Cleaning the internal components

It’s a good idea to clean any dirty parts inside the vacuum before putting it back together. This includes filters, hoses, motors, bags, and more. To do this:

  1. Wipe these parts down with a wet cloth.
  2. Remember to use some light soap.
  3. Before putting your Henry vacuum back together, ensure it is dry.

 8. Reassembling the vacuum cleaner

As soon as each component of your vacuum cleaner has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, you may begin reassembling it.

First, replace all of the attachments and hoses. If you have a corded model, plug in the power cable. The next step is to connect the dust bag and then use the release button to put it in place.

After you have gathered everything together, you should start your vacuum cleaner and check to see if it is functioning correctly.

9. Attaching hoses and fittings

After being opened and cleaned, your Henry vacuum cleaner is ready for use. Hoses and attachments can be attached to the device.

To accomplish this, the connecting point should be located in front of the cleaner. The hose should then be inserted after the release button has been pressed.

To ensure that it remains in its position, use a screwdriver with a Phillips head to tighten the screws.

10. Reinstalling the dust bag

Lastly, it would also be beneficial to reattach the dust bag. To achieve this, locate the release button close to the top of the cleaner.

After that, press it as you insert the dust bag until you hear a click as it sits in place. When it is no longer dangerous, your Henry vacuum will be ready for use again!

11. After assembly, test the vacuum.

After opening your Henry vacuum cleaner for the first time, you must perform a thorough inspection.

To start, turn on the vacuum cleaner and check that the suction is adequately strong. Next, examine the hoses and attachments to determine whether there are clogs. They could become stuck during the assembly process.

Before you use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning, you must ensure it is turned off and unplugged from the power source.

With the help of the methods described above, you should have no trouble opening a Henry vacuum cleaner. 

Why opening a Henry vacuum cleaner is essential.

You already know how to open a Henry vacuum cleaner and why it’s essential.

  1. – Make sure that the parts inside are in good shape.
  2. – Check to see if there are any clogs or blocks that could slow things down.
  3. – To learn more about how the hoover works on the inside
  4. – To clean and take care of all the parts inside
  5. – Clean up any parts inside that might have gotten dirty.
  6. – Put all the parts back together and test the hoover before using it.
  7. – To look for damage or blockages
  8. – To make your Henry vacuum last longer

I will explain how to open a Henry vacuum cleaner using my experience in this article. This article will help you a lot, and you will benefit from it. Thanks, and stay 

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Hey, lastly, I will tell you that opening a Henry vacuum cleaner allows proper cleaning and maintaining its internal components.

So, you can open your vacuum cleaner as much as possible because it ensures optimal working performance.

I will explain all of this in this step-by-step guide, and if you do it perfectly, your Henry vacuum cleaner may remain in top condition for many years. 

If you want to know more about the Henry vacuum cleaners, like how to use, fix, and empty them, then there is no problem. I will explain everything on my home and kitchen website. Also, for your convenience, I will link all of these to the beginning of the article “RELEVANT ARTICLE” Section. 


How often should I clean the filters?

It’s recommended to clean or replace the filters every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage. This ensures optimal suction and prevents strain on the motor.

Can I wash the filters?

Yes, most filters in Henry vacuum cleaners are washable. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and drying before reinserting them.

My vacuum’s suction has decreased. What should I do?

A decrease in suction might be due to a clogged hose, filter, or brush roller. Check and clean these components to restore suction power.

Are there any precautions I should take while opening the vacuum?

Absolutely. Always unplug the vacuum before attempting to open it. Be gentle when separating the casing to avoid damaging internal components.

Can I use regular screwdrivers for opening the vacuum?

It’s best to use the screwdriver recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the screws or the casing.

How do I know if I’ve reassembled the vacuum correctly?

Before tightening all the screws, ensure that the casing fits snugly together, and there are no gaps. The vacuum should look and feel like it did before opening.

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